Deathstar began in January 2006 with Honza Richter (drums), Honza Pilař (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Honza Křemen (bass guitar) as founding members. Autumn of 2006 saw the release of four-track demo CD Grey Matter and a newcomer to the band Kamil Dočekal, on second guitar. Band kept playing as a four-piece until autumn 2008, when both Honza Křemen and Kamil Dočekal decided to leave because of job and study related reasons.

During the winter of 2008 another four-track demo CD Things To Come was released and a slight shift in musical direction was already apparent. Bass guitar was recorded by Honza Pilař in studio, while Honza Křemen helped briefly with the rest of booked gigs at the time.

Spring 2009 brought brothers Pavel Ševčík (lead guitar) and Petr Ševčík (bass guitar) in the band and it took a whole next year before the songs for the first studio album were ready. Golden Feathers was recorded during March 2010 at Hellsound (Honza Kapák) studio and released in autumn 2010 with support from Werewolf Productions.

Next album took a while to get ready and as such the definitive shape of Beyond All Fears surfaced as far as the spring of 2013 - marking the first collaboration with Tomáš Raclavský. Album release took place in April 2013 with support from Radiation Noise Productions.

Digital single Origin stands as the latest stab for 2015, again a collaboration with Tomáš Raclavský, this time at his Babylon Studios.

Apart from the smaller gigs and open-air festivals in the Czech Republic the band also tried German audience many times over, with a visit to the Netherlands and Poland as well. Notable domestic shows include several gigs at Winter Metal Attack festival or original November Massacre Tour born from the cooperation of Deathstar and Tortharry.

Current members

Jan Pilař - rhythm guitar, vocals (2006 - present)
Pavel Ševčík - lead guitar (2009 - present)
Petr Ševčík - bass guitar (2009 - present)

Past members

Jan Richter - drums (2006 - 2016)
Jan Křemen - bass guitar (2006 - 2008)
Kamil Dočekal - lead guitar (2006 - 2008)